Who Are We?

The Divine Intentions is the brain-child of Rachelle, a light-worker that specializes in Tools of Intention and Manifestation. 'Divine' meaning Godly or even your higher-self and 'Intention' meaning your true aim or purpose on this Earth. Each item has been intuitively picked and created with Divine Intent. We encourage you to shop intuitively, feeling for items that may call out to you, as they do us. Although difficult online, follow your intuition and immerse yourself into your own Divine Intentions. 

This store started with Rachelle's own Spiritual Journey. Along the way of learning more about raising our vibrations, Rachelle immediately gravitated towards crystals and crystal gridding. Interestingly enough, the first time we ever went to a crystal store, she walked out with a book about crystal grids. The bookworm leaving the crystal store with a book, who would have thought.

What started off as the beginning of her own journey, has turned into a beautiful spread of positive vibrational and intentional awareness through the use of specialized tools. We named this store with the hopes that each person who came would recognize their own Divine Intentions on this Earth.