What are crystals and what do they do?

Crystals, raw or tumbled, are created by the earth over several millennium and contain universal energy. Each crystal is different and can be used to harness energy in different ways. Some are great for cleansing your spirit or your space, while others are for protection. Check out the description of the crystal you are looking to purchase for more information on that specific crystal. 

How do I use my crystal?

Each crystal is different, check your description for crystal-specific information. However, generally you can use your crystal in the following ways: holding during meditation, placing around your home/work space, putting under your pillow, placing in your car or back pack. Be sure to hold your crystal for the first few days to connect your energy and get to know your crystal. This will program your crystal for you. 

How can I program my crystal?

Hold your crystal in hand and first thank it for coming into your life :) To program, focus on what you would like your crystal to attract or expel from your life. Think of what it is specifically and try to imagine your ideal outcome. Allow the crystal’s energy to lead the way. You can do this during meditation or just spending a bit of time with your new pal. 

How do I cleanse my crystal?

You can cleanse your crystal by smudgeing it with sage or other cleansing herbs, placing in the full moon’s light, some can be cleansed by water (check your specific crystal as some cannot), some with sunlight (again, check your specific crystal), and some by simply envisioning a bright white light clearing the crystal. 

What are Crystal Grids?

Typically, crystal grids are crystals that are placed on top of a mat that has sacred geometry with a specific intent. They are great for specific manifestation as the crystals are like getting on a plane across country and the sacred geometry are like the taxi that gets you right to your destination. Most crystal grids are easily moveable and are temporary manifestation tools. However, our crystal grids are intuitively created with a specific intention that has ever-lasting manifestation properties. 

How long do the candles burn for?

The 1 oz candle burns for 

The 2 oz candle burns for 

The 4 oz candle burns for 

Do I have to burn the Intention Candles all the way through for them to work?

No, however you can. It completely depends on you and your intention, do what feels right for you. Place candle on a heat-proof surface. Never leave your candle unattendend or near small children. Crystal-Infused candles are a choking hazard. 

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